Summer School 2016: Overview

Corvid Academy will have a 4-week summer school beginning Monday, June 13, 2016, and ending on Friday, July 8, 2016. Monday, July 4th will be the only scheduled day off during summer school.


The tuition for the 4-week summer school will be $775. The hours of summer school will be from 9A.M. until 2P.M. with a 45-minute lunch break.


Students will need a personal laptop, a composition book, 5 pencils, one eraser and a book bag. Students need to bring their own lunch, but a refrigerator, water cooler, utensils, and microwaves will be provided.

Drop-off & Pick-up:

Summer school begins at 9:00AM. Student pick up is at 2:00PM, with a fifteen minute grace period. Any student that is not picked up after 2:15PM will be assessed a $25 late pick-up fee. The after school care for summer school is $125 per month. During summer school, after school care is from 2:00PM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. If you cannot pick your student up by 2:00PM, then we suggest that you enroll in after school care. At $25 a day for late pick-up fee, you will pay $125 in one week. The school gate will be open at 8:00A.M. Students that arrive early MUST be well behaved or they will NOT be allowed to be
dropped off until 9:00A.M.

Summer School Classes:

Students will be assessed in the following subjects: Math, Reading, Vocabulary and Language. Students will be required to complete at the minimum one lesson in each subject daily. Students that do not complete their daily lessons will have homework or a reduced lunch time.