Overview of School Fee Schedule:

Corvid Academy requires a $300 registration fee; this $300 deposit is used to cover the cost of our cloud-based curriculum (ALS & PEAK) for the year and is non-refundable. For grades K-3rd will have an additional $80 for the Lexia Core 5 phonics based online program for a total of $380.

New students seeking admission to Corvid Academy must be tested before admission and are required to pay a one-time testing fee of $175 for the administration of the school’s student entrance test. Primary students K-1st are not required to take the placement test.  There is also a $50 application fee for new students only.  Returning students do not pay the application fee.

All students are required to purchase several additional books to supplement the Advance Learning System’s software curriculum. Each child must have an individual laptop computer and headphones, purchased by parents. Please call the school for advice on what kind of computer works best. Every year there is a standardized test, IOWA, for 3rd grade to 8th grade. Parents will be invoice for the annual IOWA test ($80). Students enrolled in Liberty/Corvid partner school will take the Stanford 10 assessment test through Liberty (grades 9-12). Parents will also be invoiced at the beginning of the school year for supplemental curriculum in August. Generally, these additional workbooks and fees do not exceed $380. High school students, grades 8 – 12, have a supplemental curriculum invoice at approximately $620. Other fees may apply for extra curriculum.

Extracurricular Activity Fees:

During the school year, other fees will arise for specific school events, among which include the annual Christmas party, the annual Final Awards Banquet, the annual yearbook ($80), and field trips & excursions.

School Days:

Below is the school tuition schedule for K-8 and High School. Corvid Academy has more school days than any school in Hawaii (190 school days) with a 95% attendance requirement policy. Most schools have from 171 school days to 180. The reason for more school days is to help our students reach their goal - academic excellence. In addition, the school only has a 45-minute lunch break to provide additional time for our students to reach academic success and advance beyond their biological academic level (students advance when they pass their cumulative, comprehensive exams which occur at any time during the academic school year in accordance with their individual progress). Tuition rates should be factored at a 190 day school year.

School Start & End Times:
Group Start End
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade 8:30 AM 2:00 PM
4th Grade - 5th Grade 8:30 AM 2:30 PM
6th Grade - 8th Grade 8:30 AM 3:00 PM
High School 8:00 AM 3:30 PM

High School Tuition (2020-2021):

  • Annual Tuition = $11,904; or 12 monthly payments of $992
  • Core subjects are provided by Corvid Academy
  • Bible curriculum and some elective classes provided by Liberty University Online
  • College classes provided by Liberty University (qualifying students only) – additional monthly fee required
  • Corvid Academy high school grading scale: A (90-100); B (80-89); C (70-79); D (60-69); F (Below 60)
Additional Fees and Expenses:
Personal Laptop Computer with DVD Drive Student Purchase
Annual Standardized Testing $75
Science Lab (Earth Science, Biology, & Chemistry) $25
Field Trip(s) (Some are optional) Fee TBA
Liberty Online Academy Elective(s) (Optional) $200
Annual Yearbook (Optional) $65
Supplemental Book(s) Fee TBA

Primary, Elementary & Middle School Tuition:

  • Annual Tuition = $11,664; or 12 monthly payments of $972
  • Core subjects are provided by Corvid Academy
  • Corvid Academy high school grading scale: A (90-100); B (80-89); C (70-79); D (60-69); F (Below 60)
Additional Fees and Expenses:
Personal Laptop Computer with DVD Drive Student Purchase
Annual Standardized Testing $80
Field Trip(s) (Some are optional) Fee TBA
Algebra Placement Exam $30
Annual Yearbook (Optional) $80
Supplemental Book(s)* Fee TBA
After School Programs (Optional)** Fee TBA

*Varies by student level ($200 to $350) for the following curriculums: MCP Math, MCP Spelling, Easy Grammar, Wordly Wise Online Vocabulary, Key-to-Math Series, Teaching Textbooks, and individual novel studies (approximately 2 to 3 novels annually).

**After School Care Program:

During the school year, after school care for students is available until 5:30 PM. After school care is 5 days a week. Unless a student is enrolled in after school care, students must be picked up by 3:30pm. If for some reason you will not be able to pick-up your child on time, please call the school and request the one day after school fee of $15. This will prevent the late fee pick-up which is $1.00 for every minute you are late.


Paid after School Care Choices: (Daily rate $15)

X_____ Enrollment fee for Corvid After School Care Program (ends daily at 5:30pm) $160 monthly for 1st child
X _____Additional sibling Corvid After School Care Program (ends daily at 5:30pm) $140 monthly for 2nd child
X_____ A family of three or more students will be given Corvid After School Care Program FREE for the 3rd child
X _____ Early morning drop-off begins at 6:45am FREE
X _____Late Pick-Up after 5:30pm - $1.00 per minute late – Please, call ahead of time if you are going to be late! Staff cannot go home until child is picked up. $1.00 per minute late fee

After School Care Costs & Fees:
Enrollment fee for After School Care Program (Ends @ 5:30 PM) $160/month for 1st Child
Sibling After School Care Program $140/month for 2nd Child
Late pickup fee $1/minute late
Summer After School Care Program: July – Summer School TBA
Early morning drop off – early drop off begins at 6:30 AM FREE

Saturday School:

Each student is allowed 8 Saturday School sessions per semester. They are free. Unless other arrangements have been made 24 hours ahead of time students MUST be picked up by 12PM NOON. There will be a fee of $1/minute for students not picked up on time.

Billing Schedule/Delinquent Accounts Policy:

Statements are emailed or delivered to parents via child between the 20th and 25th of each month; payment is due on the first of every month. Parents are required to have a credit card on file. To help parents keep up regular payments, prevent excessive past due balances, and to enable Corvid Academy to meet its financial obligations in a responsible fashion, the following account management processes have been established:

X_____ Auto-Monthly Tuition Payment No Additional Costs (Preferred Payment Method)
Checks & Cash


No Additional Costs (If check is bounced, parent or responsible party will be invoiced for bank fees.)
Credit Card


1.22% processing fee may apply


Late Fees (3 Day Grace Period)



After the 3rd day of the month, a late fee charge of $50 will be assessed. In the event that the full tuition is not paid by the 15th day of the month, another $50 late fee will be added.
30 Days Past Due Tuition and/or fees





Corvid Academy maintains a running balance for all overdue tuition accounts. A 1.5% overdue interest fee will be calculated for the running balance at the beginning of the next month. Example: If the monthly invoice was not paid by the end of the month, the parent will be invoice a $100 late fee and 1.5% on the running balance due.
60 Days Past Due Tuition and/or fees



Corvid Academy will send the account to a collection agency and the student will not be allowed to attend school. The student’s academic records will not be released until full payment has been paid. *
Insufficient Funds (Bounced Check Fee)




If your bank account has insufficient funds and your tuition check bounces, Corvid Academy will add to your invoice $32 per bounced check. This will also be considered a late payment; therefore, the $50 late fee will also be added.

*Students will be allowed to return to classes immediately after the payment has been paid in-full.

All accounts must be paid in full by the first of every month.

Early Withdrawal/Student Absence Policy:

Tuition is prorated for students who withdraw from school for any reason or who enroll after the school year has begun
according to the actual number of days enrolled. All withdrawals, whether before or during the school year, must be
made in writing and submitted one month prior to the student’s withdrawal date. Because tuition is calculated on the
basis of the entire year, reductions cannot be made for family vacations or holidays.