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How To Become A Teacher

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The staff at Corvid Academy takes pride in their positions. They are put in a unique environment where they can educate their students in a way that assures success. Small class room environments and a personalized curriculum help our instructors be available to each and every student. If you are interested in applying at Corvid Academy please fill out the "Become a Teacher" form, and we will respond as quickly as possible.
The requirements for becoming an instructor vary, but in general we ask that all applicants applying for a teaching position have a 4 year degree from an accredited college. Also, we require all applicants to be able to pass a FBI background check and drug test. All teachers that are hired at Corvid Academy must agree to a one year contract in which they will perform their educational duties from the beginning of the Fall Semester to the conclusion of Summer School.
If you would like to register yourself as a parent for your child in the online academy, you may fill out the form on the left and someone will contact you as soon as possible with registration instructions.