Our Story

Corvid Academy began in early 2000 with one teacher, in one room, teaching four, full-time students. Prior to accepting full-time students, the teacher, Linda Sofa, had already garnered a reputation as The Reading Tutor, helping ESL and Special Education students since 1985. The success of the full-time program spread, exclusively by word of mouth, and a school soon took shape under the moniker Sofa-So-Good Learning Center (named for its founders, Faitala and Linda Sofa). Today, the school continues to take flight, adding online remote learning and new locations, and we have re-branded as Corvid Academy to capture and reflect this progression. Over the years, the school has earned numerous accolades and amazing stories of successful students, many of which may be viewed under our “accolades” page.

How We Differ

Our students regularly complete multiple grade levels per academic school year through a unique utilization of standards-based computer software, internet programs, and text books. Traditionally, individual student development is restrained to that of the class with progression restricted until all students comprehend the material. By minimizing classroom lecture time, leveraging technology, and providing one-on-one assistance, we have created an environment where students learn independently. Students are individually assessed to discover precisely where each is at and with what material each struggles; then, this information is used to create a unique lesson plan that focuses on improvement exactly where it is needed most. This allows our students to be way ahead of the curve, and those that have fallen behind at their previous schools, to get back on course. At 195 school days per year (two weeks more than the national average), we offer more school days than any other school in Hawaii, providing your child the time to maximize their advancement. Additionally, Saturday school and/or extended days are mandatory for those that have not completed their assigned work. Students will finish their lesson plans. Nothing is learned from a zero or an "F" grade. The lowest passing grade at Corvid Academy is an 80% - without exception.

This school is about one thing: results. If your child is struggling at their current school, has not been able to test into their target private school, or you are looking for a place where your child’s potential won’t be restrained: please, do not hesitate and set up an appointment to discuss enrollment.


Who We Are

Corvid Academy has brought together a talented and passionate staff who are truly passionate about the education and growth of their students. Just as the curriculum is tailored to individual student needs; they too go above and beyond to give each student individual attention. 


Linda Sofa

headshot noah

Noah Borgia

Online Teacher

Faitala Sofa


Cassie Borgia

Director of eStudent Writing Portfolio

Shari Olanda


Mary Miyamoto

Teacher's Assistant

Sharilyn Tiqui

Administrator of Operations

Jonathan Borgia

Project Administrator
Linda Sofa : Headmaster

Linda Sofa


For 40 years Linda Sofa has been instructing all ages and skill levels. After receiving her certification from the University of Minnesota and teaching pre-school children for 2 years she decided to pursue a degree in education.  In the early 1970s, Linda attended the University of Hawaii (UH) at Manoa where she graduated with a degree in secondary education earning honorary marks for academic distinction and went on to work in the graduate studies program as a reading specialist. In subsequent years, Mrs. Sofa has taught adult and elementary ESL, special needs, and advanced students as well as individually tutoring for specific subject levels, entrance exams, and standardized testing preparation. In addition, she has trained many teachers to become superb instructors in their own rights, as evidenced by their students’ successes. It is the culmination of her experiences and vision for a modern, individually tailored, and mastery-based education system that gave birth to Corvid Academy. In her free time, she continues to pioneer and tweak new methodologies to enrich the education of her students.

Noah Borgia : Online Teacher

Noah Borgia

Online Teacher

Noah Borgia has been with Corvid since summer, 2010, and has taught elementary, middle, and high school. One of the first four students of Corvid Academy, Noah went on to graduate of Evangel in Springfield, Missouri with double degrees in Pastoral Ministries with music. Prior to Corvid, he toured internationally with the band 57-Seven & Surf the Nations for 5 years across the U.S., South America, Europe, and South East Asia. In addition to education, Noah also provides private tutoring and piano lessons after hours specializing in playing by ear, jazz, gospel, contemporary Christian. Noah Borgia has a passion for his kids and their education is of the utmost importance. When not molding the minds of future leaders, Noah spends his time engineering and fabricating custom cars and motorcycles.

Shari Olanda : Primary Class Instructor

Shari Olanda

Primary Class Instructor

Mrs. Shari Olanda assists in teaching the youngest kids here at Corvid Academy. She is a mother of 3 girls, two which are former Corvid Academy students and all are prestigious soccer players who often travel to the mainland represent Hawaii in national competitions. She demonstrates the utmost commitment to her students. Her drive for excellence is portrayed through her successful early readers. Creativity and imagination are demonstrated in her colorful classroom and weekly reward store allowing her students to reap benefits from work well-done.

Mary Miyamoto : Teacher's Assistant

Mary Miyamoto

Teacher's Assistant

Mrs. Mary Miyamoto, elementary teaching assistant, works alongside the lead elementary teacher. She provides support by correcting students' weekly curriculum, oversees homework assignments, and instructs students on necessary corrections. Our teacher's assistants are invaluable to our success as a school. They allow the teacher to focus primarily on the students' needs and allow uninterrupted lectures and tutoring. Mary has a tremendous admiration for the students, and it really shows when she is working. When not working at Corvid, Mary enjoys outings with her family like the Okinawan Festival and especially Halloween.

Jonathan Borgia : Project Administrator

Jonathan Borgia

Project Administrator

Jonathan Borgia has been a member of Corvid Academy since 2007.  With a background in project management and operations, he appreciates the agile nature of modern business and the importance of understanding business needs, issues, and industry trends to devise the questions, ideas, plans, alternatives, and recommendations that help formulate and realize goals. In his role as project administrator, he has worked with and managed teams in telecommunications, IT infrastructure, electrical, construction, marketing, and sales. In business, his philosophy revolves around the belief that understanding a client’s story is imperative to conveying value, and that conveying value is, at its core, teaching. In his free time, Jonathan likes to ski and snowboard the slopes of the Rockies, travel the world, and try exotic foods.

Sherilyn Tiqui : Operations Administrator

Sherilyn Tiqui

Operations Administrator

Mrs. Sherilyn Tiqui, operations administrator, works with the headmaster, the financial administrator, and the school board.  She covers Corvid Academy daily operations. Sherilyn is the heart and soul of the school; her many talents go beyond her job description. When not involved in the operations of the academy, Sherilyn is an awesome baker creating desserts under her homebased business “Konagirl Kreations.”

Tiare Lemson : Teacher's Assistant

Tiare Lemson

Teacher's Assistant

Ms. Tiare Lemson is the teaching assistant for the primary class. Ms. T, as she is affectionately called, helps Mrs. Shari with the primary grade level students. She is an excellent assistant with exceptional organizational abilities and assists at keeping the children on task. When not working as Mrs. Shari’s assistant, T is busy working on her many hobbies.

Kirsten Adams : Intermediate Teacher

Kirsten Adams

Intermediate Teacher

Shannon Prickett : Online Teacher

Shannon Prickett

Online Teacher

Shannon Prickett-Sofa holds a master’s degree in voice and is presently a member of the Minnesota Metropolitan Opera. Hailed by Greg Hettmansberger of Madison Magazine as a soprano with "a vocalism that is rich and unforced, equally capable of a sudden drop to a sustained whisper or being ratcheted up to a thrilling forte without a hint of strain," her resume of accomplishments is much too long to cover, but includes portraying the title role in Cherubini's Médée; Suzel in Mascagni's L'amico Fritz; the Lady-in-waiting in Verdi’s Macbeth; the soprano soloist in the UW Production of Verdi's Requiem; Mimì in La bohème and Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni; various scenes from La Gioconda, Un ballo in maschera, Faust, La traviata and Don Giovanni; Nedda in Pagliacci; Alice Ford in Falstaff; the Foreign Woman in The Consul; Fortuneteller in Arabella; the Woman in Red in The Dream of Valentino; and the title role of Suor Angelica with the Opera Siena program in Italy. In addition to her numerous accolades in voice, she is also a successful painter and a cherished instructor at Corvid Academy.

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