How We Differ

At 195 school days per year (two weeks more than the national average), we offer more school days than any other school in Hawaii, providing your child the time to maximize their advancement.

Our students regularly complete multiple grade levels within each academic school year through an online, self-paced curriculum. By minimizing classroom lecture time, utilizing technology, and providing one-on-one assistance, we have created an environment where students can learn independently. Students are individually assessed to discover where each is at and with what material each student struggles. Then, this information is used to create a unique lesson plan that focuses on improvement where it is needed. This allows our students to be ahead of the curve, and those that have fallen behind at their previous schools, to get back on track.

This school is about one thing: results. If your child is struggling at their current school, has not been able to test into their target private school, or you are looking for a place where your child’s potential won’t be restrained: please, do not hesitate and set up an appointment to discuss enrollment.

Who We Are

Corvid Academy has brought together a talented and passionate staff who are truly passionate about the education and growth of their students. Just as the curriculum is tailored to individual student needs; they too go above and beyond to give each student individual attention. 

Sara Olanda – headshot

Sara Olanda

Teacher 3rd and 4th grade

Linda Sofa


Faitala Sofa


Shari Olanda

Primary Instructor - 1st & 2nd Grade

Mary Miyamoto

Assistant Teacher- Jr. K and K
Jonathan Headshot

Jonathan Borgia

Project Administrator